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    Are you working a 9-5 but coming up short on your bills and dreams?

    The only thing that needs to change is your BRAND!

    What is a brand? Your brand is what people say about you behind your back. It is how they feel about you when they hear your name. Your brand is a powerful message that you consistently convey to your friends, family, and clients. Branding is more than your logo, colors, and font. Your brand is about how your website, your social media, your products, your services, and your overall life makes people feel!

    Helena Paschal empowers women to bring their purpose to life with a 21-step-by-step brand makeover.
    You do not need any experience to create a brand, you just need an idea! This workbook is for women entrepreneurs, aspiring, or seasoned! Regardless of gender, all creative minds should invest in it!

    Here is what you can expect from the work you put in your workbook:
    ⦁ Clarity about your business to make a six-figure profit!
    ⦁ Understand what your clients want and need from you!
    ⦁ Create a brand identity that clients can trust based on your reputation!
    ⦁ Produce products that create residual and passive income!
    ⦁ To set your business apart and make clients feel like you are the #1 choice!

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