Hi, I’m Helena! I can bring your plans to life! I teach women to increase their value and live the lives they are worth! I can transform your life into a six-figure brand with a plan! I educate smart women who are coming up short on their bills and their dreams! If you are working 9-5 but you want more, I created a 21 Day Brand Makeover to help you create a strong brand with a passive income.
As an Event Planner, I work diligently with budgets, agendas, booking flights, hotels and for years I have been successful at planning memorable celebrations. But when a personal crisis hit my family and my mother became completely paralyzed due to a stroke, I became her full-time care giver and my life plummeted quickly! I found myself buried in bills, my dreams seemed impossible, and I struggled in all areas of my life including parenting! I battled to get back afloat after a year-long depression but I redirected my skills for planning events to start planning my life and slowly but surely the plan I created worked!

For over a decade I have trained Professional Event Planners who are incredibly talented but they don’t shine like they are supposed to. I know when you’re busy building your business and running your everyday life, you don’t have time to focus on shining! But when you take time to build your brand, you get to show clients and employers the best of what you should offer and guess what? They want the best from you and I can help them see it without you having to tell them! I have completed my own personal brand makeover and my life has changed!

I am going to be very honest, when I first started my business I did not know how much to charge. When I finally started charging, I found out that I was undercharging for my services and it was hard to charge the prices I have until I began to value myself. People often ask me; how much should they charge and I give them estimates but you must have the confidence to know that you are worth any price you put on your time and service. If you don’t charge what you’re worth starting today, you will not have the courage to raise your prices tomorrow.

What is a brand? Your brand is what people say about you behind your back. It is how they feel about you when they hear your name. Your brand is a powerful message that you consistently convey to your friends, family, and clients. Branding is more than your logo, colors, and font. Your brand is about how your website, your social media, your products, your services, and your overall life makes people feel!